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Rabbit TV is the world's largest virtual library of digital media, organizing a world of
content to give you access to 50+ years of popular entertainment from thousands of online sources.

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Give users who aren't members of RabbitTV Plus a sneak peak of what the platform is about and the ability to learn more as well as become a member.

My Role

Design and develop a user friendly design that would entice users to become a RabbitTV Plus member instead of choosing their competitors.


Show carousels of all the latest tv, movies and radio stations,the ability to search and view trailers while learning how the basics of the platform works.

Works on any device, at anytime, anywhere you go.

One of the biggest perks of RabbitTV Plus was the ability to access content basically anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a screen to view it. This was huge so I took advatange of it and showed a nice parallax effect with different morphing devices to show the difference.

It was also determined to create a page similar to what what you would actually see once you become a member. This is the screenshot to the right. Showing more information about the tv show selected and ability to share via social networks.

Color Palette


The above is a screenshot of a layout that displays all the newest releases with premium tv and movies within a carousel. It was decided to display the list of movies in a carousel because of the size in how many movies and tv shows they have stored.

One area the company really focuses on is the ease of use in getting to the content. I wanted to make sure I kept this statement true with the lading page giving the users a similar experience to a member of the platform.

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