Since there will be hundreds, if not thousands of users logging in daily it's crucial the user has a pleasent experience from the start. With this simplistic login design, the client has the option to change out the image quickly giving a big impact with minimal effort.

Enterprise Web Portal Screenshot
Corporate Website Mockup


The main dashboard aims to solve critical pain points within businesses by having one click access to frequently used areas throughout the portal. One way I was able to acheive this was to show modern looking charts with a card style approach.

Onboarding Process

One big concern from the client while building a custom portal was the migration from one system to another. The process for new and existing clients had to be seamless. I created a three step wizard for first time logins to collect the necessary information before viewing the dashboard.

Enterprise Web Portal Screenshot
Directory Website Mockup

User Management

When designing a system that will potentially have thousands of users. Limiting the number of clicks will save a lot of time. I managed to do this by showing three key actions at the end of each user's row within a responsive table.