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Ecuity Edge

Ecuity Edge provides solutions to measure & navigate
digital transformation. They claim to be the CX Partner for Manufacturers.

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Ecuity's goal was to redesign their current site to have a more "tesla" look and feel. Meaning they wanted a site that made you feel they were on the forefront.

My Role

I had the privilege to develop, program and come up with a user friendly design that would entice clients to use Ecuity Edge over the worlds largest competitors.


In the end, I decided to brighten up the pages with color, images to embrace emotion and have subtle, but classy parallax effects throughout the site.

Dedicated to stand as an agent for social change

Giving back plays a major role in who Ecuity is so having a page dedicated to their support efforts was a necessity. I designed the page to show a large list of images from each non profit organization's website with a link back to thier site, allowing the user to learn further and possibly help themselves. A win for everyone.

The Gold Microsoft Partner logo on the image to the right is shown on every page just above the top fold. They take pride in being a Microsoft Partner so having it above the fold was something they really wanted to have front and center.

Color Palette


Ecuity has four main solutions that they offer and wanted anyone who visited the page to be able to request a demo and download a further detail of the solution. I kept this consistant for all four and incorporated large screenshots of each.

When I was in the discovery phase the client would tell me things like we want big images with big fonts with big statements. One Way I incorporated this into the design was by having large sized descriptions for each section instead of just a title.

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