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Avalux Studios

Avalux Studios provides solutions from web design to server side security.
They specialize in custom code and packages unique per client.

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Avalux Studios wants to become the leading company in web design and development by tailoring custom solutions through a wide range of categories.

My Role

I'm part owner and lead designer at Avalux Studios. I've been developing solutions with my partner, Jeremy Buff for years now so it only made sense to create a business.


We decided to collaborate our 10+ years of experience and create one awesome company that will trully solve the frustration of hiring unreliable developers.

Easy to read font sizes with
large classy images

Avalux is very particular on their branding, keeping a modern look and feel was important. One way I made sure I introduced this in the design phase was to add in big svg images that will still look good on large devices with high resolutions.

These days I really think it's important to have readable text with large images. One easy way to do that was by putting the most important headlines centered on the page with large text underneath that further empowers the title.

Color Palette

Design & Development Skills


It's important to Avalux that they have an easy way for clients to sign up to receive tips on upcoming technology and overall business. The whole idea behind Avalux Studios is to be on the forefront for good development and consultation.

One of the advantages Avalux has over other web design companies are the wide range of services they offer so coming up with a design that not only keeps them engaged but keeps the modern look and feel.


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