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Introduction to Gulp.js

For today's topic of discussion I'd like to cover gulp.js and the benefits for a front end web developer. I've been coding front end custom websites, custom WordPress, portals and so on for about 8 years and I'll tell you for my first few years I did not see a benefit in taking time out to set up a front end stack. I also did not see a reason to use sass or less. However, I learned my lesson quickly on that one. My opinion may been been good back then because I generally did small projects on the side when I wasn't in the office working a full time job.

Once I got better and started to get clients I quickly realized I do the same initial tasks for most if not every project. At one point I think I had 4-5 clients at a time and for a single developer I needed to find a way to quickly automate a few building processes to get me going. This is when I discovered gulp.

Before I go too deep in depth here are a few features I love that really helped me speed up my initial set up. One huge benefit is that gulp already has features such as file watching, uses JavaScript configuration code, uses node.js streams to pass data through a series of piped plugins. Files are only written at the end of each task. To name a few, I think you get the idea.

Programming 05.15.19